Monday, May 16, 2011

PCI Booked in for this week

we are so exited that the PCI is booked in for this week and the drive way was getting poured this morning

here are more pictures of the build ... i have added 3 more posts with pictures below this one :)

Kitchen Sink Tap installed

Range hood and Splash back installed

Landing during the day !! (clear coat dried and no shiny lights on it)


  1. Marlon, your home looks absolutely amazing!!!!! Good luck with PCI this week :) Very exciting!

  2. Thanks Tonia .. i have been checking already (pre PCI) and given a long list to the SS .. they have been working through the list. We are hoping we can get the keys soon after PCI. Me and family are very exited that the build is all complete soon :)

  3. Looking fantastic - those corner cupboards/drawers in the kitchen look really interesting - hope it all goes well this week!