Thursday, June 24, 2010

SCR Design Review Board (Urban Pacific)

We have submitted our construction plans and landscape design to the Stonecutters Ridge Design Review Board (Urban Pacific). Made several phone calls to followup and after a week or so Wisdom received a letter that the Setback from the Fence on the side and the Fence from the front were incorrect on the plans. Also had to pick a certain type of mailbox according to the SCR design specifications .

We picked option 1 Mailbox and passed this info to Wisdom Homes for passing on to landscape design person. Wisdom has also requested the plans to be re drawn with the correct setback from the side and front for the Fence.

We were a bit disappointed that Wisdom did not update the architects and the landscape design staff that the Stonecutters Ridge had specific requirement since they have build 2 houses already and is in the building multiple houses more on the new Lots..

Here's hoping we can get this turned around pretty quickly so we can get the documents going to the Council for approval.

23rd June 2010 at couple of mins past 5pm we have received notice with the review board approval .. the staff i was dealing with was very nice and helpful .. they seem to have a overload of applications on top of the usual and they will need to get used to it since SCR Lots are selling like hot cakes currently

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