Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waiting for the SS to call and the Concrete (Slab) works to begin

We were told by the Wisdom Office  that the Site Super will call us this week and we can expect the Slab Prep work to start by the 8th of October since they give them selves 10 working day to start the work..
We are awaiting in anticipation for the call and here is hoping that the Slab Prep work and Slab pour will happen before the 8th October if at all possible. ( x Fingers Crossed x )

PS. We were also told that the reason for the delay is that the Slab workers has been playing catchup since the rain delayed their schedules at the previous jobs

Friday, September 24, 2010

Site Scraped.. Hooray !!

Visited the site this morning and YAY  !! .. the site has been scraped and the rocks have been laid on the entry path to the site..

here are some pics of the site ..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Work on the Site yet

Have been chasing up Wisdom for an update however we cannot get a definite date on when the site will be scraped. Spoke with the admin staff and they said that next week will should see some movement on the site.
We just wish we can get a date locked in and we can look forward to the work starting without having to drive past and second guess when the the work will start..

The wait is painful however we are within the 20 working days that the builder can take to start the work.. Will keep you all posted on here about the progress

Friday, September 10, 2010

Portaloo and Fence Up

Yay !! more good news .. 
The Portaloo is onsite and Wisdom have erected the fence too (never been happier to see a Portaloo)

Now the rain has to stop so we can get the site scraped ..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wisdom Sign and Sediment Control Fence

Yay !!!  We had a pleasant surprise this morning with the Wisdom Sign and a short green fence (Sediment Control Fence) up in preparation for the site leveling (site scape)

Called the Wisdom office and spoke to Sandi (Sandi handles our file in the office) and she said the orders have not been completed yet and we do not have an SS allocated as yet either..

So exiting now that we are almost ready to start with the slab .. Hope the weather stays clear for the site prep and slab pour ..

Here are some pics from this morning ...

Our Home Floor Plans

First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Home Colours & Others (updated 02/03/2011)

Bricks - Austral Bricks - Symmetry Asphalt
Brick Mortar Colour - Off white
Brick Joints - Ironed
Roof Tiles - Bristile Roofing - Classic ShakeCoal
Gutters / Barge - Colorbond - Monumnet
Fascia / Downpipes / Meter  Box- Colorbond - Jasper
Windows -Trend Windows - Aluminium - Anodic Natural Matt

Bathroom Vanity Benchtops  - Caesarstone - Osprey (3141) - 20mm
Bathroom Vanity Cupboards - Laminex - Smoky Sapelle - Natural Finish
Kitchen Cupboards - Laminex -  Parchment - Natural Finish
Cabinet Handles - Horizontel - Stainless Steel
Kickboards - Brushed Aluminum
Kitchen Benchtop - Caesarstone - Ice Snow (9141) - 20mm
Kitchen Splash back - Decoglaze - Phantom
Laundry Cupboards - Laminex - Smoky Sapelle - Natural Finish
Laundry Benchtop - Laminex -  Platinum Micro - Natural Finish

Render Front Peers and Balcony Parapets - Bristol Paints - Clay Dust (P13-D4) - Dulux Colour
Walls / Internal Doors - Bristol Paints - White Smoke (P239-N1)
Cement Sheet Infills - Bristol Paints - Briar Patch (00YY 23/169) - Dulux Colour

Eaves and Varandah Celing - Bristol Paints - Canvas Cloth (P195.N2)
External Doors - Bristol Paints - Joey (P240-N5)
Ceilings - Taubmans - Tradex Celing White (D434)
Feature Walls - Taubmans - Murky Water (to be painted after handover)
Garage Door - B&D Panelmasta Contemporary - Timbergrain Classic Cedar
Timber Post to Veranda and Balcony - Clear Wood Finish
Entrance and Balcony Doors - Clear Wood Finish
Balcony Rails - Silver Chrome Finish
Stairs and Posts -  Tasmanian Oak - Clear Wood Finish
Driveway - Stencilled (Large Tile) Bluestone

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Doors and Handles

Entrance Doors - Hume Doors - XIL6

Entrance Door Handles - Gainsborough - Styled Pull Handles
(Back to Back)

External Doors - Hume Doors - JST1 & VEN1

External Door Handles - Gainsborough - Trilock

Internal Doors - Hume Doors - SOR5

Internal Door Handles - Gainsborough - Lianna Leverset

Rain in the last couple of days

It has been raining in the last couple of days and hopefully it clears up during the week.. We are hoping that Wisdom Homes will call us during the week with some good news about preparing the site and fencing it off
Weather Forecast for Sydney

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Lot on Near Map

Have a look at our lot and the surroundings on near map Lot 1303 on Near Map

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Construction Certificate and now ready to build

We finally received the Construction Certificate and have now finalised the two pages worth of Post Tender Variations .. (not sure how we racked up that many ??)

Sandi from the Office just called (2.54pm) and said she has signed off the file and passed on to the estimation department to order all the goodies and work required to build our new home ..

Big thank you to Sandi for all the followups and taking our calls and changes through out the post Tender process.. Working with her has been fantastic..

We should see the site being prepared in the next 20 days (here is hoping it does not take the whole 20 days to order the goods and services for us)   hip hip hooray !!!!