Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upstairs Floor Sample Pics

We have been looking at different types of floors and like the bamboo floor pictured below

One of the companies i work at happened to install the floor and we like the colour and texture..

like all wood the Colour and Shade looks different in each type of light and amount of light in the room

Progress Pictures 3

More Progress Pictures .. i told you i will catchup :)

Garage Door installed (lockup stage)

Wet area floor tiles installed  

Smart wastes

Bathroom Wall Tiles & Vanity Tops etc

 Kitchen Benchtops installed

Progress Pitcures 2

Here are more pictures catching up to the progress so far

Entrance  Doors Installed

Laundry Door

Internal Doors

Telstra Velocity Fibre Termination Box installed

3 Phase Meters + Solar Grid Connect Feed Meter Installed

3 Landing Steps for Stairs and Stair Case Installed

Laundry Cupboards

Bathroom Vanities Installed

Kitchen Cabinets Installed

Progress Pictures 1

Catching up on the pictures 1

Solar panels on the roof from the Road

Scafolding is a thing of the past

Meter box ..Yay !! (never been so exited to see a Meter box)

 Data , AV cabling at Central Distribution Point

 Conduit for the TV Cables and Speaker Cables

 Speaker cables upstairs :)

Cable Bunch after Gyprock done

Rendered Balcony Parapet

 Wooden Posts Installed (Balcony)

Inusulation Installed

More Pictures of Gyprock