Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bright LED Down lighting

I have used some LED Down lights to replace the dull CFL GU10 globes that we received when the build was complete and handed over by Wisdom ..

these lights are as bright as the Halogens that we all like and only consume 6watt of power

I purchased them form the following company

Here is the link for the specific Globe Type
Tip- Warm white is the closest that i found to the halogen effect and i suggest you buy a couple to ensure you are happy with them before you decide to replace the lot :)


  1. Would you mind letting me know how much you paid per downlight. We are currently looking at LED downlights for our home which will also be built at Stonecutters Ridge.
    Renai (Lot 317) -

  2. hi, do the LED lights need any special electrical wiring or can they as a replacement of CFL?.....Could you let me know how much you paid per LED downlight?