Monday, May 16, 2011

More Progress Pics

Here are more pictures of the build .. i am a couple of weeks behind on posting pictures so you will see more progress soon


  1. LOVE the stairs, wish we'd done the same with our bottom three treads but Colt said no way because of our little ones. He is probably right!

    Coming along nicely, it's been a pretty quick build? You'll be in before you know it!

  2. Hi Marlon. How are you mate? I chatted with you a few weeks ago while you were tidying-up your front yard waiting for the turf layers. We are also building with Wisdom and am wondering (if you don't mind) how much you were quoted for the face bricks?

  3. Love the shower niche and ... the laundry door, if that's what it is (the one with a glass insert).

    I think we have the same door handles. Except ours are satin. Are they Lianna by Gainsborough?


  4. Hi B .. thanks .. the door is the balcony door with the blinds in built .

    Yes the handles are lianna from memory .. in the blog I have post with the colours and all the details I will check on their..

    Take care.and hope you enjoy your build..