Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rain rain go away come back another day !!

It has been raining for almost the past week now and no progress at all on the lot..
We only wish the rain came in after our roof was up and the site was shut for the Christmas holidays !!

Here is the 10 day weather forecast (NOT Looking good at all)

Weatherchannel Link


  1. the forecast is looking very depressing :(

  2. lets hope a miracle happens and the weather man has it wrong!

  3. Don't worry - we actually are in a little bit of a rain shadow - hopefully we don't get any of the rain that's forecast (we barely had any over the weekend). Make sure your tradies go out to the site each morning to check if it's wet - because we have different weather to just down the road.

    Dry in the estate Saturday, at Symonds Rd - raining!

  4. thanks Tonia and Amanda..

    the weather man was right the last week however the last two or three days have been Betta ..
    We had the scaffolding up yesterday and spoke to the ss about sending the brickies back .. fingers crossed for a couple of clear brick days for us