Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bricking continues

We had a slight glitch with the bricks since the Brick that we had chosen have a lot of chips and defects due to transport etc. The reason for this is the smooth face on them is quite brittle around the edges and can easily be damaged. We found that the brickies took extra long time to lay these brick too since they had to check each brick carefully before laying them.. they have discarded quite a few bricks ..

Today we had a meeting with Austral Rep regarding the replacement of the damaged bricks .. they said what ever we need as replacement will be sent to the site on request ..

We are still working out if we are going to pursue the removal of chipped bricks from one of the main walls in the front of the house before the brickies were careful about picking only the good bricks (before we reported the issue to the SS)

here are some pics of the work so far


  1. Looking good! Very glad to hear Austral will replace those damaged bricks. Do you think you'll have the wall fixed? How bad is the damage?

  2. Rachael, thanks for the comments and we are deciding if we should get it fixed since we are not sure if the fix will look worse than the damaged bricks.. looking at your pictures of completed bricks it seems like the damaged ones may make the wall look bad since there are quite a few of them on the particular wall at the entrance.. (Did you have to get them to replace any at all?? ) need to find some one who had bricks replaced to check what their experience with the process was..

    you house is looking great with the bricks and roof complete !!