Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Phone call from SS yesterday !!

We received a welcoming phone call from the Wisdom Site Supervisor yesterday. He advised that he has booked the brick cleaners, cement render'er and the guttering installers for the work to commence. He said this week some of the tradies are on leave (until the 17/01) and do not have much confidence in getting all the items completed. We are hoping at least the bricks will get cleaned before the weekend.  


  1. it's a good start, hopefully they'll all be back in full swing next week!

  2. Any news? Hope work is progressing now the tradies are back! Can't wait to hear how it's all going.

  3. Hi Rachael, work has progressed slowly and i have heaps of updates will post them one at a time so all my family can see too :)

    thanks for nudging me to get the posts updated