Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ground Floor Frames to be delivered tomorrow

Contacted the SS today and had a chat about the frames and when the work will start.
He said the Ground floor frames are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and the First floor frames are planned for delivery on Monday. He also said that the boys should be around to start the work on the frames on Monday (25/10/2010) Fingers crossed the weather stays clear in the next couple of weeks


  1. You will be blown away by how quickly the frame goes up! Fingers crossed the weather clears up this week! Oh and regards to the bricks, tell him to speak to John or Nathan in regards to Lot 87. Rach

  2. Thanks Rachael, yes I have seen some of the other frames go up in the estate we are building and they did not start the frame as planned today due the rain i am assuming. I will pass on the details to SS regarding the bricks and keep you posted!! Thanks once again M