Friday, June 4, 2010

Wisdom Homes

Wisdom Homes have a couple of great homes and display houses built in Sydney.. The quality of the homes are great and the sales staff is great too.

We fell in love with the Impression 38 MK II Display home at the Ponds and Colt is our primary sales person and Linda also assists at the Ponds Office..

This particular home has a very tidy open plan with all the rooms upstairs with all the latest amenities and features one requires included in the package (one would always include upgrades obviously)

Colt at the sales office has been great and he has a lot of knowledge of their homes and costs involved in upgrades etc. Colt was a builder himself before migrating to Australia and that experience carries a long way in his customer services, sales skills, consultation and advise for sure.

As we learn from our mistakes we will be sure to let you know so that you do not face delays or costs associated with the same issues.  Whatever we post is purely from personal experience as clients and 1st time builders.

Display Home at Ponds (Pic from Wisdom)

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